Our work place and home are very busy places. And a commercial-grade automatic generator keeps that rhythm going by providing dependable protection during unexpected power outages. Available with high output capabilities, Absolute Comfort Technologies inc.'s business and home generators provide worry-free emergency power to support your electrical needs for days, or even weeks. Clean, quiet, automatic backup power - just what your business and your family needs to be operational, safe and comfortable.
Our Services include:
  • Planned maintenance
  • Oil and fuel sampling
  • Transfer Switch Maintenance
  • Parts
  • Service on all Major Brands
  • Loadbanking
  • Fuel Polishing
  • Installation
  • Winco Warranty
  • Briggs & stratton Warranty

Commercial Benefits

  • Protect perishable food, drugs, paintings and other investments susceptible to environmental conditions.
  • Operate tools and machinery in the field with a portable generator.
  • Protect profits by keeping your business up and running.
  • Keep your business security system and cameras operating.
  • Stay Comfortable

Residential Benefits

  • Keep your pipes from freezing in the winter.
  • Keep your home security systems running.
  • Protect your investments, such as food.
  • Keep your sump pump or sewage pump running to keep from flooding.
  • Protect yourself or loved ones who rely on medical equipment.
  • Keep well pumps up and running.
  • Add resale value. A home with a generator stands out as a well-equipped, prepared home.
  • Stay Comfortable
Whether it is routine maintenance, repairs or demand emergency service, Absolute Comfort Technologies has you covered. Our technicians are trained on all brands and types of generators. We have required continuing education classes that our technicians attend. Our service trucks are stocked for the most common replacement parts and our technicians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year, in an effort to minimize your downtime in the event of an emergency.
Planned Maintenance Absolute Comfort Technologies, Inc. offers planned maintenance programs tailored to your needs on every make and model of generator and transfer switch. These programs include regularly scheduled, maintenance inspections, fluid and filter changes, environmentally safe disposal of used fluids and filters, oil analysis, fuel analysis and complete testing of the system. With our maintenance programs, we can inform you of potential problems with your equipment and make necessary corrections before they cause you downtime during the time you need your emergency power system the most.
Load Bank testing
To ensure your emergency power system is performing as it is designed to, Absolute Comfort Technologies offers Load Bank testing without interrupting your utility service to building loads. The absence of regular load-bank testing dramatically increases the potential risk of generator failure during an emergency. Load-bank testing should be a regular part of a generator maintenance program to avoid mechanical failure caused by extreme stress on the engine and other components when the generator is used in a power outage.

Load Bank testing improves performance, cleans carbon deposits, and greatly reduce “wet-stacking” which can cause serious damage to your engine. Wet-stacking occurs when the generator does not reach designed operating temperature, allowing carbon and un-burned fuel to build up in the exhaust system. If not addressed, wet-stacking will degrade the performance of the system and not allow the system to operate as designed. Load Bank testing is also required by law for generators in life safety installations.

Protect Your Fuel
Fuel Sampling - We offer fuel sampling to monitor the condition of the fuel. Fuel sampling will check for the quality of the fuel as well as any contaminants that are in the fuel. The NFPA standard states an ASTM fuel quality test should be performed each year. After the test results are returned, Absolute Comfort Technologies will contact you regarding any issues found. If contamination is found, we will explain your options and pricing for conditioning if necessary.